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7 8 9 JUNE
Barnston-Ouest, Quebec

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Triskel Festival, a flagship forum for artists from the Quebec alternative scene, is an immersive music festival offering a unique fusion of genres. Electronic, folk, ska, punk, rock and trad come together to become a true musical kaleidoscope and offer a diverse auditory experience for all tastes.

For three days, festival-goers from across the province gather and vibrate to the rhythm of more than 50 performances. The very essence of the Triskel Festival lies in its immersive atmosphere, created by captivating decorations and lighting which transport participants on a true cultural and artistic odyssey in the open air.

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Do you want to share your talent or get involved in the next edition of Triskel? Whether to volunteer, participate in the event, present an artistic installation or even a kiosk, all registration forms can be found in the info section of the website!


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merci à nos partenaires!

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