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Triskel, the union of styles!

Discover the talented musical artists who will rock the 2024 edition of Triskel in 3 distinct zones. First of all, the Village will host excellent bands and musicians of styles such as folk, ska, punk, rock, trad and more. For its part, the Temple will present talented DJs and producers of electronic music in all its forms: house, techno, psytrance, drum & bass, hard, prog and more. Finally, the lounge will offer ambient and captivating music, ideal for resting the body and mind!


CARE (bass house, downtempo)
Care is a DJ in love with transcendent melodies from various backgrounds. You will dance to a mix of psychedelic bass and organic house followed by influences from the desert, jungle and Quebec rivers. She has been performing on stage since 2012 to better captivate you.


charley cliff  (funk'n'roll)
Charley Cliff is a surprising cocktail of Quebec funk'n roll style songs. It is with his Barpe, a unique instrument inspired by the harp and bass, that this former bassist exploits the sounds of his instrument which will transport you into his universe full of humor and reflections.


CYRE & POCAILLE  (drum & bass)
The duo Cyre & Pocaille explores different musical styles through their Datagram Radio project. They have both been involved in the undergrou
nd scene for over 10 years. Their appearances on stage are becoming more and more frequent and they will team up again for a drum & bass set.


D’JEF  (wandering song)
D'Jef makes you drift into a world woven through poetry, storytelling and derision. Having learned to entertain crowds across Canada,
Europe and Latin America, he offers music mixed with the sounds of Eastern Europe, hiphop, beatbox, flamenco, jazz and blues.


enakim ( ethno psyprog )
Originally from South Korea, Enakim is a lover of tribal sounds, including throat vocals, didgeridoo and percussion. Musically, she walks between
ethno trance, psyprog morning, zenon and deep techno. With Mukunda, she is also co-founder of the brand new collective Ancient Om Productions.


excavation & poésie (folk, trad)
Excavation & Poésie is a committed group founded by 4 Estrians. In their bursts of artistic indignation, they dusted off Quebec folk
lore by drawing inspiration from wild jigs, unbridled rigodons and line dances worthy of the Canadian Evenings ending in the early hours.


flowher (drum & bass, deep dubstep)
FlowHer's talent was highlighted during his DJ sets in the metropolis with events such as Drum & Bass Collider and Future Jungle. A fan of bass music, you will be transported during his performances. With her electrifying energy, she will make you experience emotions through her impactful selections.


fränze   (organic tech house)
Fränze's DJ sets invite you to a joyful and rhythmic trance with organic tribal tech house. Working to create energy curves for ecstatic dances or for grooving at festivals, this composer seeks to create the balance between captivating ambiances and punchy bass.


frawd (dubstep)
Frawd is an emerging Quebec DJ and producer. Known mainly for his dubstep, he still includes several other styles in his sets: house, wobble and funk. His performance at Triskel 2023 amazed fans of heavy bass that makes the subwoofers shake!


Glitch (prog, psytrance)
A member in good standing of the psyfreaks tribe, Glitch invites you to join him in a world where music is a source of life and energy that brings people together. Co-founder of Synergia Productions, he builds bridges between psytrance, prog, psybreak and bass music.


Joe Evil Piano Show

with Vincent Peak   (alternative rock)

Joe Evil (piano and vocals - Grimskunk) and Vincent Peake (bass and vocals - Groovy Aardvark) offer an acoustic rereading of the deep repertoire of the legendary group Grimskunk. The duo also offers a few compositions based on their shared love of 50s rock n' roll.


Josh & the Dirty Rags (dark folk)
Josh & the Dirty Rags offer strange stories and captivating melodies that send shivers down the spine. They transport you to where the frightening meets the harmonious, where the unexplained resonates in the mournful notes of the banjo. An experience that invites you to explore the depths of the soul!  


K-Man & The 45s (ska)
Is it the volume and intensity of the band that grabs the crowd? Is this the sense of urgency that emanates from the group? Regardless, the group gives so much on stage that even those uninitiated in ska will be hooked! K-Man & the 45s will make you fall in love with this musical genre, guaranteed!


KUMPA'NIA (percussion)
Kumpa'nia is a joyful troupe of festive and clownish traveling percussionists irresistibly inviting to make hearts and bodies vibrate! To the sound of original compositions inspired by Brazilian, Cuban and African rhythms, the troupe comes alive like a dismantled drum kit!


lara s (psytechno)
Lara S has performed at several festivals in recent years. It will take you on a journey into the progressive world of techno. Its psychedelic and minimal touches will make you discover wonderful aural colors and pierce you with powerful low frequencies.

the big carny ball.jpg

le Grand Carny Ball (circassian folk)
Inspired by folk and gypsy music, you will be transported into a world that is sometimes dark, sometimes colorful and completely crazy. Lucifer himself could not fully grasp the meaning, to say the least frenzied, that is the rhythm of their misunderstood speech. Dare to experience!

the alley dogs.jpg

les chiens de ruelles (folk)
They will have roamed the le
ngth and breadth of Quebec, barking in people's ears their screaming songs and their rebellious madness. It is with freedom that they invite you to move forward, to take two more steps towards nowhere and to celebrate, all together, more than a decade tinged with common madness.


LONGSTOCKING (psytrance)
One of the first female psytrance DJs in Canada, Longstocking is known for her energetic morning sets. With performances at several festivals across the country and even as far away as Mexico, she loves to play with the vibe to keep the dancefloor active.


lucky 7 (electro, dance, pop)
Lucky 7 is one of the most versatile DJs in the old Capital. Indeed, he can play in large-scale corporate events, but also for weddings, in clubs and trendy restaurants with his selections of top-40, pop, dance, tech-house, nu-disco, electro, Latin, rock, funk,
soul and more!


lucky (techno)
In a predominantly techno style, Lucky likes to take the dancefloor on a musical journey. His goal is to share his love of electronic music, which has been going on since the early 1990s. Often mixing new and older, his contagious energy will not leave you indifferent.


lucky (techno)
In a predominantly techno style, Lucky likes to take the dancefloor on a musical journey. His goal is to share his love of electronic music, which has been going on since the early 1990s. Often mixing new and older, his contagious energy will not leave you indifferent.


Medahnite (folktronica, latin house, afrohouse)
In Amharic, Medahnite means medicine. Inspired by world music and electro, this DJ sensitively mixes
colorful melodies and smooth rhythms through non-stop musical journeys all around the planet. A name to discover at Triskel 2024!


MeLow (techno)
Juggling techno, tech-house and psychedelic techno, MeLow, a multifaceted artist, captivates his audience with his unique and vibrant mixes. His contagious passion and undeniable talent ignite hearts and minds on the dancefloor, leaving an indelible mark with every performance.


merkurius (hardtek, raggatek, frenchcore)
At the forefront of the Canadian hardcore scene, Merkurius is a talented DJ and producer recognized worldwide. Since his beginnings, he dedicates himself to spread his vision of hard electronic music through his smashing productions and his outstanding performances behind the decks! ➡


mexic4in (psytrance)
Mexic4in is emerging as a promising psytrance producer, from Mexico to Canada. His journey began in 2020 as a DJ, quickly progressing in production. His first singles under Andea Records will lead him to Divinity Records, where he launched an EP revealing his immense potential in the psytrance scene!

mister hyde.jpg

mister hyde (hardbass)
The enigmatic Mister Hyde constantly unearths the most underground and dark sounds of hard music
. Flirting with hard bass, hardcore, frenchcore and other extreme music, his high-energy performances are always the ultimate release... for those who survive!


Mononc' Serge
et les Crosmonautes (rock)
It is in an epic as much aerospace as musical that Mononc' Serge Et Les Crosmonautes invites you with their brand new show! Rock, laughter, energy, celestial bodies: Mononc' Serge Et Les Crosmonautes will make you feel in orbit!

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mukunda (psytrance)
A passionate artist, Mukunda
advocates nocturnal psytrance. Each of his DJ sets are rituals for him that invite connection, sharing and the elevation of consciousness. In 2022, he co-founded Ancient Om Productions with Enakim and more recently, he joined the ranks of Dacru Records in 2024.


narko (psytrance)
Also known by his pseudonym Transpose, Narko has been a dedicated music producer for over 15 years. Publishing numerous hits, he is a source of inspiration for local DJs. In 2024, he launched Diatonic Records to promote psychedelic music and introduce new artists.


nigan (psystep, downtempo)
Nigan regularly plays at Cosmovision parties and at several festivals such as Éclipse, Illusion, Danse de la Tortue, Anatha Fest, Groove & Bass and ShazamFest. In 2024, Nigan's musical explorations will immerse you
in a textured universe with expressions revealing guilty pleasures.

dark night.jpg

nuit noire (dark techno)
Nuit Noire, a queer DJ from Montreal, mixes dark techno, progressive techno and psytech, creating dark atmospheres to arouse emotions. Passionate about freedom and pleasure, her sets offer a transcendental musical experience to her community in an always smiling atmosphere.


papi gonzo (psychedelic techno)
about music, Papi Gonzo seeks original and varied productions that resemble him. He explores a multitude of genres with a “BPM without borders” philosophy. His signature sound mixes organic, experimental, psychedelic and hypnotic elements.


planet zyha (bass music)
A duo of multidisciplinary artists, entrepreneurs, community builders and dream creators. With over 10 years as DJ/producer Tron Sepia (Mirek) and performing as Lilith Wings (Ariane), they are known for putting on colorful shows!


prana papa (psy, balkan, prog, chillout)
With its artistic and holistic path, Prana Papa offers
groove-psyché music by punctuating different atmospheres for a human trance. Whether it's psy-chill, full- on, house or anything else, its mission is clear: to dance, meditate and travel within the global trance family.


rikam (psytrance)
A leading figure in the Quebec psytrance scene for over two decades, Rikam has organized a number of major events in Quebec, with the colossal Eclipse festival at the top of the list. He has also performed as far as Brazil,
Panama, Thailand, India and more!


Stompin' Trees (folk, blues, punk)
Stompin' Trees mixes raw folklore, Nordic blues and rural punk to create a happy tumult that makes you want to dance and sing until first light. The quintet reinterprets in a modern way what music once was; a social binder, a raw force coming from the people.


symard (prog house, prog trance)
A new DJ and composer on the music scene, Symard explores different facets of electronic music and harmoniously merges genres. He specializes mainly in trance and techno, with a marked preference for melodic sounds.

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