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2722 chemin de Ways Mills, Barnston-Ouest, Québec

site map & schedule

To be available!


The official wristband of the year is mandatory to access the site. It is neither exchangeable nor refundable. Any bracelet cut, damaged or showing tampering automatically becomes invalid. By wearing the bracelet, you accept the rules and conditions on this page, it is your responsibility to read them before arriving at the festival. In the event of violation of the conditions of access to the festival, the organization reserves the right to expel you from the site. In the event of serious violations, legal action may be taken.

trailer & rv

Festival-goers wishing to come in trailers, campers or recreational vehicles must register in advance. This allows us to properly prepare the space needs for the festival.
Formulaire Roulottes & RV


Would you like to get involved in the 2024 edition of Triskel as a volunteer? We are looking for rare pearls to expand our beautiful family! Complete the following form. Deadline: April 15.
Formulaire Bénévoles

familly zone

Families will be able to enjoy an area specially designed for them!


Many food vendors on the site!


Alcohol on sale for the 18+
Personal alcoholic beverages are permitted only in the camping area.
Glass bottles are prohibited on the entire site.


Find or share a ride on our Facebook group!


20$ per car. Free for cars with 3 or more people!


Common fires maintained by the organization will be at your disposal.
It is forbidden to make individual fires.
It is prohibited to bring or use pyrotechnic products at the festival.


It is illegal to sell or consume any illicit substance. Taking illicit substances is dangerous and can produce unpredictable effects that could ruin your festival. Caution is advised and whatever you do, never consume products that are unknown to you. Get high on life instead!


You agree that your image may be used by the organization in the form of photos or videos taken at the festival site and that these recordings may be made public, without any other authorization from you.


Ideally without animals. However, for people wishing to come with their dog, access is $60 per animal, and under conditions only. Contact us in advance so that we can inform you of the regulations.

our team

Click here to meet our amazing team!


- We recommend good warm clothing and a sleeping bag for the night.
- We advise you to bring water, but we will have some on site as well.
- Respect nature, do not destroy it and throw your garbage at the sorting stations.
- It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground!
- It is prohibited to sell or advertise on the site without the permission of the organization.
- No alcohol will be served to people under 18 years of age or to people considered intoxicated.
- The organization is not responsible for losses or theft.
- The festival will take place regardless of weather conditions.
- The organization reserves the right to make changes to the programming.

Triskel Festival

Merci pour votre envoi !

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